Youth Business Receives Big from Bank


By Frederick Philander


Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) last week sponsored Junior Achievement (JA) Namibia with a whopping N$100 000, the bank said in a media release.

Carin de Klerk, the head of marketing, said Standard Bank has been a regular supporter of JA Namibia and that Theo Mberirua, managing director of SBN Holdings, was voted into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame by JA Namibia, for his role in maintaining high levels of integrity, ensuring continuous improvement and investing in education.

“We would like to wholeheartedly thank Standard Bank for their continued support of JA Namibia. As a non-governmental organization we are continually dependent on supporters and Standard Bank has always been there for us. They have realized the value of educating our youngsters and have stuck with us for many years,” said the chairman of JA Namibia, Brian Rubinstein at the handing-over ceremony.

He also said that JA Namibia’s purpose is to educate and inspire the Namibian youth to succeed in a global economy.

“We were registered in 2002 as a non-governmental organization, and we just turned five years. We do age appropriate programmes with learners at schools and formalized institutions. We focus on programmes such as Business; Citizenship; Economics; Entrepreneurship; Ethics/Character; Financial Literacy and Work-related Life Skills/Career Development,” Rubinstein said.

In conclusion, he said: “Programmes are implemented by Junior Achievement Namibia to help young people gain an understanding of the importance of market-driven economies; the role of business in a global economy; the commitment of business to environmental and social issues; the commitment of business to operate in an ethical manner; the relevance of education in the workplace and the impact of economics on their future.”

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