Sorry Ngo! – At the Mercy of Marketers


John Ekongo

This crazy thought ran in my mind, I am going to sue MTC for invading my privacy. But I had to cut the thought short. Since I cannot afford Legal Shield, I put it to rest. After all, MTC is in the trade of technology so once in a while they will bug you with unwanted offers. Considering you put minds like Amos, Albertus and Liz in charge of a super company pr and marketing division, that makes hells of millions from miscalls every year, you can expect anything any time.

Back to the suing issue. So I ask myself on this day I received an sms, who the hell is Phillip Deetlef. From the sms one can deduce that he is some bloke who obviously loves his rugby and perhaps Klipdrift and Coke (I am just saying), but the question is I don’t know the fellow. Why does MTC tell me that? Anyway, MTC sends me a message telling me that Phillip is a winner, and I can be a winner too, to go watch a game I barely understand, but first I need to settle the five-dollar bill they are asking me. I assume it’s a goodwill gesture. Why can’t I just win and then only send me a message that says, “Mr Ekongo, congratulations, you have been selected by our computers, please collect your cheque and your plane-ticket.”

Now look at this hypothetically. My number belongs to me, and I pay for a service of theirs I use monthly and that’s where the story ends. Again hypothetically stating, if my number belongs to me then anything or service that comes or is registered on my number, without my consent, can be construed as invasion of my technological rights and that should entitle me to payment – reason, technological and emotional intelligence invasion without consent or due authorization of the owner: me. Damn I should have studied law, don’t I make sense? Just so that I am clear about this, I got wind of the bloke who signed me up for my connect packages.

“John man, no need to fuss, you see that is actually in the fine print of the contract you signed.” Now he meant to tell me MTC got the right to do as they please with my number.

Clever of them and stupid of me. Why, actually the deal in the fine print of the contract was in font size 6 so you can hardly see anything. Considering my disabilities when it comes to my vision it is not for naught that I wear thick-rimmed Hishongwa-like spectacles. But then again they do not explain why all the other parts on the contract had font size 14, especially the part where they asked for my bank details and method of payment. I later learned, it is to make sure your right details are written in large, that way they know you are hooked.

Anyways on MTC I give up. But then again I have Furncity, Hi-Fi Corporation, Multichoice and Legal Shield all advertising themselves freely on my phone, offering me all the incredible deals ever seen in the Southern hemisphere.

Just to be clear, I am not saying I am bitter about advertising, I just think it is a bit reckless from the big dudes. Adding salt to injury they send me all those sms messages when I am a bit tipsy (usually month end), so I am actually in no competent mood to make any sound financial decisions. Maybe I end up buying.

“If I have bought from them, it’s not because I wanted to, but because they have made me feel important by sms’ing me to get something I did not want or need but felt guilty not to have, after the effort they made. Somebody actually reasoned like this. I know you think it’s me, aah ah. So, I ask, if that is advertising where is my share? Picture this, should a poor soul like me do that, hey … then they will have the Richard Metcalfe’s, Sisa Namandje’s and all the top dogs in the law setup after your tail.

Unfortunately, we have become victim to many of the giant corporate blokes. Simply because we are so much technologically invaded.

Companies here, whom we rely on almost every day for our peripheral living in society, have taken our lives over. Take MTC for example, no pun guys, just honest opinion. I thought I just needed to pay for my calls.

And Furncity guys, I settled your account a long time ago let my phone be; Multichoice, I appreciate the service, but I simply cannot afford your channels.

Besides I have free One Africa on my telly where I can watch “Sewende Laan” vry mos. Oh, I almost forget Hi-Fi Corp, guys please bear with me, I will pay you month-end, my finances have not been sound this month.

Now the only remaining thing is to reply to the sms of my favourite shebeen, they too are going technological, otherwise.

Sorry Ngo


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