Left for Greener Pastures


Anna Shilongo

The past weeks have not been good weeks at all. For most of you I assume you have been following reports of women being murdered and chopped into pieces like animals.

A tourist was killed and his wife was agonized by the way her husband was savaged. As we read in the newspapers about the discovery of some gruesome finds, I was very much troubled and disturbed and then I thought of God’s promise to us to ask and we shall be given.

So why don’t we ask God as a nation to bring this killer/s out and also to stop such evil deeds from happening? He can do it if we believe.

I think it’s up to us as a nation to go on our knees and pray very hard for God to bring out this killer.

Sometimes I also sit and wonder why most of our top investigators who served the force for quite a long time are leaving. Is it because they have been frustrated or what is the reason behind this high staff exodus in this crucial department?

There have been complaints that some people were brought into the force without any experience or basic investigative skills, and yet they are the ones who hold high office.

This move frustrated many of our experienced investigators who felt overlooked when it came to staff promotions that were sometimes based on tribal alliances and not merit.

Due to this many were forced to resign while others opted for other greener pastures that came their way.

Officers felt betrayed despite their experience. If you look back, such murder cases never took long to be investigated and culprits were brought to book as compared to nowadays.

Top officials need to re-look this matter and ask themselves what went wrong.

Remember Nelius Becker who was amongst the crack detectives in the Serious Crime Unit? We are made to believe he was one of the people who resigned out of frustration.

What about Hieronymus Goraseb and many others? And you still want to tell me the force is understaffed?

Isn’t it about time officers in charge asked themselves why experienced detectives are leaving the force in big numbers, leaving deadwood behind?
I strongly feel the police should try to come up with a strategy that will win back their best investigators who have left for the City Police, ACC and other institutions.

Detectives like Nelius Becker and many others who served the force for long need to return to ensure success especially in the Khomas Butcher murder case.

They should also ensure that promotions of officers are based on merit. It doesn’t help promoting people who lack basic investigative skills.

I believe justice needs to be done when it comes to promotions.

Treat your people equally, respect them and give them what they deserve.
Lack of transport, salaries and communication is another area of concern that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency if officers are to perform their duties optimally.

However, police officers’ duties are not as easy as we think. One investigator can handle up to a hundred cases and yet they are paid very little. No wonder they are sometimes rude and aggressive when approached.

Conditions of service are even much better in the City Police than in the national police. Is it not supposed to be the other way round?



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