Documentary Film Deadline Today


By Frederick Philander

DOCUSUR MARKET is calling for the presentation of projects for the pitching sessions which will take place on November 16 this year,” it was announced in a press release.

The main objective of the pitching is for the projects for documentary films that are in the development stage to get funding.

For this purpose, the projects that are selected by the judges will be presented to a widely-based international panel of Commissioning Editors.

The projects must be at the development or scriptwriting stage and must be made in a country in Africa, Asia or Latin America, or must deal with a subject related to these regions or must be on north-south relations.

Unlike other markets, DOCUSUR MARKET does not require that projects should have a minimum of assured funding. Thus, DOCUSUR MARKET can be the first step for many producers.

For further information call FAN chairman, Abius Akwaake, at: 081-124-6766.


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