Jacob is Well Beaten


By Helge Schultz ALGIERS Trevor Jacob was well beaten by Kabore Sibri Jules of Burkina Faso, losing his light heavyweight bout 17-3 on points at the All Africa Games on July 13. Jacobs moved too slowly and couldn’t connect with his punches, while Jules raked in the points with his long jab. Jules took a 6-3 lead at the end of the first round, and went 13-3 ahead by the end of the second. Jacob tried to fight on the inside, but couldn’t connect much as Jules effectively closed him down. Jacob was more aggressive in the third round, throwing some combinations, but most of his blows landed on the gloves, while Jules continued to land long-range jabs, to take a 16-3 lead. Both boxers were tired and there wasn’t much activity in the final round, with little action and a lot of hanging on. Jacob Looking to the Future Jacob was a bit sad after the fight, saying that he did not expect to lose. “I tried my best, but I accept my loss. I made a comeback after being out of boxing for a long time, and I think that counted against me in the end,” he said. “I’m a bit sad because I lost, because I didn’t expect that,” he said. “Now I will go back and train hard and see how far I can go in boxing again,” he said.