Music Company Shows Its Muscles


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Omalaeti, a progressive local music and recording company specializing in traditional music, on Tuesday evening made known its future plans on the revival of the country’s culture. Many musicians and people interested in the music industry attended the launch in the upper gallery of the National Arts Gallery. “Mindful of the fact that there are many elements of culture, we choose to communicate to humankind in the universe through Namibian traditional songs,” said a proud John Walenga, the executive producer of the company, at the lively event. He assured the audience that his company always makes good on its promises with regard to the cultural set-up in the country. “If there is something wrong with our traditional music, let’s fix it. If it doesn’t exist, let’s create it. The bottom line is, if Namibians do not do it themselves – promoting traditional music – somebody will come in and do it for us. The question is, at what price?” he asked. According to Walenga, his company has embarked on a set plan to promote traditional music through family tree creative injections via a special website. “The main objective is to record Namibian traditional songs,” he said, also announcing an Omalaeti purchase card in conjunction with the Infinity network. “Big cash prizes are to be won by way of the Omalaeti membership card, and the winners will be announced during a public performance at the National Theatre of Namibia on July 25,” he said. Thereafter, musicians such as Tate Buti and PDK took to the stage to perform some tracks from their traditional CDs that have been produced by Omalaeti.