Headman of Onaimbungu to be Enthroned Saturday


By William Mbangula OSHAKATI The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA) will enthrone the disputed headman of Onaimbungu village on Saturday, July 7. This was confirmed by the Chairman of the OTA, George Nelulu, who said after thorough investigation that the Traditional Authority had decided to confirm Junias Kapenda as the headman of Onaimbungu. The leadership dispute over Onaimbungu village in the Ohangwena Region has been going on after some disgruntled villagers rejected Kapenda and instead elected a certain Kapahu to be the headman. Kapenda has been in charge of the village for about three years after he paid a fee – a customary practice – to the Senior Headman, Job Haihambo. It was on this basis that the villagers accused Haihambo of collusion, saying that Kapenda was not the legitimate leader of the village. Nelulu, who will head the delegation to Onaimbungu, told New Era that among the traditional leaders to accompany him will be the Senior Headman of Onhuno, Lucas Shinedima, and the Senior Headman of Onamutayi, Amon Shipanga. Shipanga was recently in the news for declining others to inherit the estates of their relatives while he himself has inherited the throne from his uncle and has also pocketed about N$70 000 from the gravel mined from the land of a widow, Rachel Kakoto of Omusheshe village. Nelulu also revealed that, due to tensions prevailing at Onaimbungu village, the delegation will be accompanied by the police. It has been revealed that death threats were made against the traditional leaders, mainly by the people who are against Kapenda.