Our Society Is Sick – Pacon


By Emma Kakololo


The Pan African Centre of Namibia (Pacon) has expressed grief over the recent spate of killings in the country, saying that the killings constitute a symptom of a society on loose moral footing.

“The recent spates of killings and murders, and indeed those that preceded these ones, are clear signs of a society whose morals have been eroded,” Pacon Chairperson, Johanes Tjitjo stated in a press statement yesterday.

“Institutions such as the family; the marriages; the church; lawmaking; the schools; culture and traditional beliefs; life style and entertainments; and perhaps ideological direction of our societies and people. These institutions and more that have not been mentioned here lack the contents and ingredients of the African way of life,” said Tjitjo.

He said as long as these institutions were more inclined to eurocentricity and regard the African way of life as backward, the country will continue to be haunted by inhuman acts such as these killings.

Recently, a torso of an unknown woman was discovered along the Windhoek/Okahandja road and a week thereafter, a body of a farm worker was found by fellow workers buried in a shallow grave in a heap of manure close to a goat kraal. Again on June 27, a burnt body was discovered dropped in the waterways along the Rietoog/Maltah??????’??


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