Murders – Is Racism Involved?


By Emma Kakololo


Renowned clinical psychologist, Dr Shaun Whittaker has attributed the recent killing of a woman or women whose body parts were discovered next to the B1 road to the country’s inadequacy to address the problem of racism adding rage and anger was being channeled towards women.

Without condoning that the perpetrator (s) might just as well be of the same color as the victim(s), Dr. Whittaker when approached for comment deduced that the perpetrator (s) were victims of race.

“This has to do with this whole patriarchal thing of male dominance. We have not addressed racism effectively in this country.

“The killers involved could be more than one. They don’t necessarily need to be of the same color of the victim, but the other side is also possible. It is most likely that they were victims of race.

“One could speculate even further that this person has tremendous rage and anger about women.

“It could also be that the person was traumatized as a child. Someone who had a conflicting relationship with his mother,” stated Whittaker.

Whittaker shares the opinion of others including South African-based mystic medium Sue du Randt and former Serious Crime Unit boss of the Namibian Police, Chief Inspector Neels Bekker.

A mystic channel Du Randt during an interview with New Era said the perpetrators must have been abused or raped as children and that they do not have any bond with their family or friends.

Their entire lives were a power struggle with their parents who oppressed them and would not allow them to think for themselves.

In addition, they all presume that the perpetrators might also be highly intelligent.

“What we are dealing with here is a different category of perpetrator, a person who is severely psychopathic, very anti-social person with no guilt feelings, no qualms about what he has done. A person who is also highly intelligent,” said Whittaker.

The trait of (them) being intelligent, he stated, distinguishes serial killers from other murderers as those who commit homicide are usually unemployed and uneducated and in the heat of their “quick anger” would for example pick up a knife and stab someone to death – whereas, in the case of a serial killer, the vicious circle they find themselves in killing others makes them gain greater emotional relief.

“There are many risks factors involved in killing a person. It is difficult to pinpoint them, but surely there are common factors: a neglecting lifestyle.”
He called on women to protect themselves and avoid walking alone at night and to always carry a weapon when going out at night such as rape alarm or pepper spray.

“That is the least women can do to protect themselves. Women in United States take self-defence classes, they have the right to defend themselves and Namibian women should also do the same.”

According to Bekker, if the allegation that the victims were prostitutes was true, it could make the case difficult to solve the mere fact that prostitutes operate at night and no one sees who drops and picks them up.

“One can see that the perpetrator knows what he is doing, he choses his victims very well,” he stated


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