‘Khomas Butcher’ Still at Large


By Anna Shilongo


Police yesterday said they are still clueless with regard to the identity of the B1 road victim though the manhunt is still on for the elusive killer/s.

Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Angula Amulungu, is still appealing to anyone with information on the likely killer/s to come forward.

Meanwhile, a family from the coast feels the torso of the young woman could be that of their missing daughter.

They were asked to take blood tests, which they did, except this could not be done on the father of their daughter who was not present when the blood test was carried out.

Amulungu said the police are waiting for the outcome of the DNA tests to see whether the victim’s DNA positively matches the identity of the family that is claiming the body.

” You see, I always refer this case to that of Mabula. With her (Mabula) it was so easy to identify her because she had a tattoo on her back but for this young woman, there is absolutely nothing to be identified, not even a birthmark,” he said.

Amulungu said it was too early to conclude that the torso of the young woman was that of the daughter of those claiming it.

” The results are the only solution to the identity of this torso, let us not conclude or assume things we are not sure of,” cautioned the police spokesman.

He also assured the public that once the police get to conclusions, the public would be the first to be informed. Amulungu once again reiterated that his officers are on the hunt for the killer/s.

He said the officers are working around the clock to resolve this case. When New Era contacted the family, a member dropped the telephone saying they had nothing to say and that they were tired.


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