Inheritance Wrangle Ends in Plunder


By William J. Mbangula,


A school principal and headman here are implicated in an incident of malicious damage to property following the destruction of the homestead belonging to a single woman in an inheritance wrangle.

Jafet Nangaye Nepem-be, the principal of Nakele Primary School who is also a Swapo activist and chairperson of the Community Development Committee (CDC) in Uupindi location in Oshakati, is accused, by Niita Axel, of acting in cahoots with the headman Naeman Shikongo to destroy her homestead. The incident took place last Thursday, June 21. Axel, who is pregnant and her sister Annastasia Shipiki, who has a baby, have been sleeping in the open since then. According to Axel, the dispute erupted after the death of her mother, Katshiiwa Johanna Shikesho in April this year. Her mother was married to Silas Thikameni who died in 2004. Thikameni’s relatives say that since Axel is not his biological daughter, she should leave his home. On the day in question, the headman Shikongo, Theopolina Silas, the niece of Thikameni, a certain Shekutamba Kandjeke and Silas, allegedly with the approval of the CDC chairperson Nepembe, came to destroy the house. It is reported that Nepembe was the driving force behind the act. He is reported to have provided N$180 to pay for petrol in order to ensure the immediate relocation of Axel. Approached for comment, Nepembe admitted providing the money (N$180) because someone came to borrow it from him. He however denied that he was involved in the destruction of the house. He said those answerable should be a certain Andreas Shapaka, the headman, Theopolina Silas and others. According to him, when the incident took place, he was at school. Giving his side of the story, headman Shikongo told New Era that the action was taken at the insistence of Nepembe and Theopolina Silas after consultation with Axel.

Shikongo noted that he now regrets the action. Since things have turned ugly, he said, the main culprits are using him as a scapegoat. As a result, he has agreed to put back the house together with Nepembe, Theopolina and others and where possible to find ways of compensating the aggrieved Axel.

New Era learned that this conciliatory stance was prompted by the intervention of the Oshakati West constituency office.


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