New Book Recognises Contributions


By Frederick Philander


Without the achievements of those featured in the book, Triumph of Courage, our current levels of socio-economic achievements would not be possible.

This is how the Managing Director of the Trustco Group, Quinton van Rooyen, recently hailed the very educational and historic book of Namibian author Matthew Gowaseb.

“We recognize that history is the heritage not only of those who seek to reflect, but also those who are moved to act. This book is one for the student of history as well as the general reader, all of whom are linked by virtue of their common commitment to the upliftment of all Namibians,” said Van Rooyen.

According to him, through this book a people denied, a history suppressed and an experience spurned have finally occupied their space.

“Through this important book project, Trustco is proud to make a small contribution as a reflection of our commitment to record our country’s history, which will help future generations to obtain a balanced view of our past,” the MD emphasized.

In his view corporate social responsibility must not be defined by tax planning strategies alone.

“We believe that success should not be limited to one ethnic group, one culture, one race, one sex or one person. We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. These include good ethical behaviour, concern for employee health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement. Our main assets are the talents and skills of the people we employ and the community we operate in,” he said.

He concluded: “It is becoming increasingly obvious that business and society are equal partners in the advancement of the greater community. Our business is not solely about making economic returns; it is also about people and values.”

The book is available at all Shoprite branches throughout the country at N$195.

A review on the book will shortly be published in New Era.


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