Nujoma Film to Show in LA


By Frederick Philander


Four of the main actors in the cast of the Namibian feature film, Where Others Wavered, are part of a nine-person delegation that will attend the first screening of the movie to an international audience in Los Angeles next week.

Where Others Wavered is scheduled for a double screening on the main programme of the Los Angeles International Film Festival on June 27 and 29.

“We are very happy that the film has been accepted by the organizers of this mammoth and important festival in Hollywood,” said an elated Uazuva Kaumbi, the executive producer of the film who is leading the Namibian delegation to the festival.

The group leaves Namibia on Sunday and returns early July.

“The screening of the Namibian film at the festival has already been positively pre-viewed by the American print media such as the LA Times. That gives me hope that the film will do well with an international audience. After all, the American director of Where Others Wavered, Charles Burnett, hails from Los Angeles and is well respected for his filmic work,” said Kaumbi.

The four actors that will attend the two screenings are Joel Haikali, Chrisjan Apollus, Theresa Kahorongo and Abed Mvula.

“There is a lot of expectation from the delegation as well as the festival organizers because this will be the first time ever that a Namibian film will be shown at this world renowned festival. The festival is undoubtedly a good platform to launch the film and have it distributed world wide,” said the producer, who expressed his disappointment that he could not have the film screened at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Sakkie Shangala, from the Office of the Attorney General, is also part of the delegation, a sign of preparedness for any positive distribution that might result from the two screenings.

“The LA Festival is as good as any other festival to start promoting and marketing the film, before it is premiered some time in the future in Namibia.

Technically, we are still in the process of fine-tuning the end product before it will be premiered in Namibia. For me, the screening in the States is a dream come true, with my attending the screening courtesy of the Namibia Film Commission,” said Kaumbi, who intimated that Air Namibia would also help with some expenses.

According to Kaumbi, tangible moves are afoot to find potential film distributors at the Los Angeles International Festival.

“We have people already working on such plans and ideas. After all, we need to promote and market the film successfully and extensively to try and recoup the money that was used for the making of the film,” he said.

The rest of the delegation consists of a board member of the Pan-African Center (PACON) Maureen Hinda, board member of the Namibia Film Commission Anna Shivute, and the secretary of the NFC, Edwin Kanguatjivi.

The Namibian government has invested more than N$80 million in the film project, which makes it virtually the owner thereof.

The two screenings of Where Others Wavered will be done at the Billy Wilder Theatre and the Mann Festival in Los Angeles.


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