Morality Play on Stage


By Frederick Philander


Described as a medieval allegorical morality play, “Everyman” will be staged for a short run next Tuesday until Friday evening, it was announced in a press statement.

“Well-known characters such as Death, Beauty, Strength, Confession, Discretion and Fellowship are brilliantly personified in this play.

God sends his messenger, Death, to “Everyman” and tells him to take a long, hard look at his life, his lifestyle and the choices he has made –
you can’t go to heaven wearing ‘bling’!!,” said director Sandy Rudd in the statement.

According to her, this poignant and sometimes funny, very modern production has been re-vamped, revised and presented in a very modern setting.

“It is a serious, energetic vibrant piece of theatre, which cannot be missed.

There are 3 shows a day for the benefit of senior schools to attend for learners of 15 years and above. It would be a great experience for every student. It is a time to assess choices, values, and is a great way for some newcomers to be introduced to theatre,” Rudd said.

A quote from the story says, “Humans in the beginning look well and take the right direction to the end. Be careful! In the beginning you think sin is sweet. But it causes you much hurt when you are dead and buried”

TIMES: 3 Shows a day at 10h00, 12h00 and 18h00
VENUE: Bank Windhoek COTA Theatre School
DURATION: 55 minutes
BOOKINGS: Kania Vlok 081-239-6378 or 299-1281
ONLY 60 Students per show!!!!


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