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On the move is the first copy of a small magazine, “Via Namibia”, specializing in Namibian Culture & Social Highlights.

This publication aims to “improve and uplifting tourist attractions and destinations and therefore the magazine will also be distributed to a selection of luxury destinations.” According to the editor, Mandy Strauss-Carvalho, the pocket-sized magazine is concerted in efforts to bring the reader extensive editorial content, supplemented by beautiful photography.

“It caters for concerns carried by the traveller and the contemporary reader.”

The magazine introduces not only a helpful guide into heritage and luxury leisure in Namibia. It also gets up close and personal with personalities, including the former President of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma.

What categorizes this booklet as slightly more diverse than similar magazines is that it focuses on detail.

What is noticeable is that the booklet incorporates facts regarding Namibia, in an easy and digestible way. Who does not want coin-sized knowledge that might change the direction of a conversation?

The magazine addresses the focus on useful tips, outdoors and adventures, and brings in an element that I only spot in this magazine, which is an insight into world cities. This first issue takes you to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Normally, booklets in the scope of events limit themselves too much. “Via Namibia” edges on differently and combines many readable elements including where to eat and drink and to shop.

It is a quick pick-up publication that engages in just enough literature for that quick fix. It suits the current rushed lifestyles of so many Namibians.

The magazine is brought out every second month and is a general guide into more than general topics.

With a professional layout, the magazine caters for opposites like fashion focus and diplomatic postings such as an article on British High Commissioner Alasdair MacDermott.

What is furthermore commendable is that it endeavours more than other booklets of late.

-The Bank Windhoek Festival Guide falls within the same category of informing about events. Alas, it limits itself to being just a programme printout.

With short profiles and information pertaining to the venue and prices, this booklet basically opposes the publication of “Via Namibia”. It is so short you hardly capture what is being said.

If Bank Windhoek is so committed to arts it should, in my view, embark on a more detailed publication – one that will do art justice. Little elements like photography and layout offer so much more.

-Magazine audiences are hungry for a publication that incorporates everything this Bank Windhoek Festival Guide just does not offer.


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