Bank Hands Out Books to Needy Learners


By Frederick Philander


“Education is one of the major keys to the elimination of poverty. As an organization, we believe that for any country to develop it has to invest in its people, and education is the single most important intervention for unlocking development as it places a choice in the hands of individuals,” said Carin de Klerk, Head of Marketing at Standard Bank.

According to her, Standard Bank and Pollination Publishers were extremely happy to be able to once again hand over English Grade 3 textbooks to a school that does not yet have the funds to be able to purchase all required textbooks.

“The Havana project school, which is situated at the furthermost end of Katutura in the informal settlement, only opened its doors at the beginning of this year with 400 scholars from Grades 1-4 and are definitely looking at expanding next year to also include Grade 5. This is a government school and most of our children come from the informal settlement, which means that they no longer have to walk far distances to school, and for that we are grateful,” De Klerk said.

Standard Bank and Pollination have been partnering for a number of years by providing books at no cost to many underprivileged schools in Namibia.

Books range from Handwriting for Grade 1, English second language also for Grade 1, English Grades 1, 2 and 3 and even translations into various vernaculars.


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