Newly-Appointed Leader to Be Inaugurated June 19


By William Mbangula


The Queen of Ovakwanyama, Martha Nelumbu, has finally appointed a senior headman for Ohaingu district in Ohangwena Region.

The wife of former DTA MP Gottlieb Dan, Sipora Weyulu, succeeded her brother Victor Weyulu who died in 2005.

An announcement was made on Monday at a special sitting of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority at Omhedi, where the seat of the Queen is located.

The Councillor of Engela Constituency, Urias Nghidinihamba Ndilula, who has been the acting senior headman of Ohaingu District since the death of Weyulu, was appointed village headman of Ohaingu, reporting to the new senior headman.

Senior headman of Eudaneko District in the Ondobe Constituency, George Nelulu, was confirmed as the chairperson of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority.

Shortly after the death of senior headman, Weyulu, who was also the chairperson of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, a power struggle ensued between Ndilula, Sipora and Zulu Shangheta, with each one claiming to have been nominated successor by the deceased.

Many people were expecting Ndilula, who has been a confidante of the Queen, to take over the position. Instead, the Queen appointed Sipora, with whom she grew up in the house of senior headman Vilho Weyulu, the father of Victor and Sipora.

The appointment was made in line with the customary practice of the community which dictates the inheritance of the traditional leadership within the bloodline of the leaders.

The newly-appointed leader will be inaugurated next Tuesday, June 19.


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