Go Namibia, Go!


Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro

This is not to say I have changed my mind about the administration of football in Namibia. Far from it!

I am mindful of course that there is a new leadership in place now, but also at the same time conscious that there is still an administrative vacuum in football with the position of Chief Administrator still vacant. Not that the acting incumbent is not holding the fortress, but there is a difference between holding the fortress and letting the fortress hold its own.
Until the mother body addresses this problem by appointing a capable person, football in this country would remain on a shaky plane.

I must add that reading the qualification requirements for the position of Chief Executive Officer (formerly Secretary-General) of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) in the media the other day, there is not doubt if we are to adhere to these requirements and they do not only serve to placate some already divined candidate, we may be on the right course.

However, the match on Saturday is one of two remaining matches in Namibia’s campaign for Afcon 2008 in Ghana. We are now at the crossroads and this is the only remaining match on our home turf, the other being away against Ethiopia in September.

Unlike my friend Jee who would make me believe that a home turf makes no difference, I think that the home turf has some advantages, if only in terms of the home crowd.

All credit goes to those behind the revitalised Brave Warriors’ Supporters Club, in particular Brother Kambombo. Because as we have seen with the last match against Libya, Namibia had 12 players on the field, the twelfth being close to 8 000 fans who turned out to cheer on their team. We bagged three points on the occasion but the 1-0 margin was to say the least a risky affair.
For now let’s ignore the last-minute throwing of the spanner in the works of the Supporters Club by the NFA in upping the entrance fee by 100 percent from N$10 to N$20 for the open stands. The DRC is a different cup of tea from Libya if only in terms of its ranking in Africa at 14 against Libya at 22.

We need to up our game into a different gear. Neither is the match we played against an Angolan club, Premeiro de Agosto over the weekend a reassuring pointer as to how we may do against the DRC, no doubt a wounded formidable opponent having lost their last game against Ethiopia.

However, with two victories in a row now within six days, the Warriors should not only be physically fit but in the right mind frame. As sports administrator in the Ministry of Sports, Bernhard Kaanjuka, pointed out lately on one of the NBC’s language services’ sports programmes, our mental disposition should not be on the other two away games but towards the game in hand this Saturday, whatever we think of the formidability of the opponent. Not only that but we must also psyche ourselves for a win. It must be wins all the way in the remaining matches whether home or away if we are to have any chance of qualifying for Ghana.

We have already laid the foundation for these wins with the first against Libya. Last time we lost only by a close margin of 3-2 on the DRC’s home ground. Currently we are 2nd in Group 10 after the DRC, trailing them only by a point. This game gives us a golden opportunity to lead the group for the first time. Not only that but to also solidify our campaign to qualify for Ghana. With the DRC out of the way this weekend and Ethiopia remaining, we are as good as having qualified for Ghana. I don’t see why not. So let’s go for it this weekend. Go Brave Warriors, Go! Go Brave Warriors Supporters Go! Go Namibia Go!


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