NIP Donates N$10 000 to Trust


By Anna Shilongo


Namibians continue to support the plight of the vulnerable and sick in the country by uplifting their social wellbeing.

This came to light in the capital yesterday when the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) pledged N$10 000 towards the Feliciana Nauwake Trust Fund.

Officially handing over the cheque, the Namibia Institute of Pathology Corporate Affairs Manager, Esegiel !Gaoab, says NIP learnt through the media about Feliciana’s plight. “Being in the care industry, we could not sit by with hands folded and we therefore decided to contribute towards her wellbeing,” said! Gaoab.

!Gaoab expressed gratitude to institutions such as Namwater which have taken a bold step in spearheading the Feliciana Nauwake Trust Fund, paving the way for others to follow.

“Thanks for the precedent you have set, we are confident that the other corporate citizens would follow suit.”

He hopes the amount donated would go a long way towards Feliciana’s wellbeing.

Also speaking at the same occasion, Namwater Public Relations Officer, Tommi Numbala, says Feliciana’s operation costs have increased rapidly compared to the estimate of N$120 000 that Namwater thought would be sufficient.

The amount initially excluded transport, accommodation and monthly allowance.

Feliciana receives about N$420 per month from Namwater for her basic needs.

The total cost has now reached about N$300 000, said Numbala.

” Up to now, we are still paying bills for the first operation – Feliciana has five doctors operating on her and each doctor has his own bill,” he said. In order to recover, Feliciana needs to go through four stages of operations.

Five-year-old Nauwake, who was diagnosed with noma three years ago, returned from Pretoria, South Africa, where she underwent surgery.

In March this year, the little girl underwent her second step in the process of having her face rebuilt. Two more operations are inevitable.

The last two operations, which are said to be beautifying her, will be carried out at a later stage – when she turns twelve.

All her operations are scheduled to take place at the Kloof Hospital in Pretoria.

Last year, the Welwitschia Travel Agency assisted with all guidance travel and accommodation costs, said Namwater’s public relations officer.

“We are not sure if they will do the same as last year, and that is why I am appealing to the public to assist Feliciana with the transport and accommodation costs,” he added.

Asked how much the second operation would cost, Numbala could not give an exact amount as he was still waiting for the final bill.

Numbala also revealed that Namwater plans to send Nauwake to school next year.

Nauwake lives in an informal settlement near Windhoek under the guidance of Penehafo Nafuka.

Nafuka has taken care of Feliciana since she was a baby.


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