Govt to Sit Down with Ex-Fighters


By Surihe Gaomas


The ex-plan fighters had to brace themselves for yet another night of cold, but the signs of some victory are finally in sight, as government will this morning set the stage for negotiations.

The talks with high-ranking officials from the Office of the Prime Minister will discuss matters around their demands and overstay at the premises.

Late yesterday afternoon the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants also received a summons to appear in the High Court this morning to explain their reasons for refusing to vacate the premises.

However, following the Office of the Prime Minister’s intervention at the late hour, the summons may not be relevant anymore.

Spokesperson of the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants, Alex Kamwi, sees the latest turn of events as a victory, as the stage will now be set for next Monday or Tuesday for further negotiations with government.

“We are going to discuss one by one our demands of payment and our demands for family members, until we reach an agreement on each resolution. That will be early next week,” said Kamwi during an interview on the latest developments.

“This we see as a victory because government has agreed to sit down with us,” he added.

The High court action was brought by the Government of the Republic of Namibia, with the second applicant being the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs, while the third was the Ministry of Justice. This summons was served on Ruusa Malulu as the first respondent, Alex Kamwi as the second respondent and the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants/Ex-Freedom Fighters as the third respondent.

The ex-combatants yesterday still remained on the premises despite the chilly weather conditions.


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