Bursaries for UNAM Art Students


By Frederick Philander


Today Standard Bank reiterates its commitment to developing the talent of the Namibian youth, in this case artists, by handing over bursaries to 15 art students.

This was said on Friday by the MD of Standard Bank, Mpumzi Pupuma, at the handing-over ceremony at the arts department at UNAM.

According to him, Standard Bank has a long history with UNAM.

“It is a history that we are proud of and that we have found to be mutually beneficial. Education is the biggest recipient of funds from our social investment cake, and we spend 60% of the money on educational initiatives, be it in the form of bursaries, like today, or vocational training, books for deaf people, chess, chairs for a school hall, literacy programmes, trophies and books for school learners. We are proud of our initiatives and hope to be able to contribute towards educating our nation as much as possible,” the MD said.

As early as 1995, Standard Bank has already been involved with UNAM by giving bursaries to qualifying students in their second and/or third year of study at the University of Namibia.

“The bursaries were to assist the recipients in their studies, primarily B.Com and bank-related fields. The bank has been providing bursaries of this nature for many years to ensure that young Namibians are offered an opportunity in pursuing tertiary education for improved employment potential,” he said.

Pupuma added: “We are also a founder member of the MBA Business School at UNAM and from 2003-2006 we were instrumental in facilitating the upgrading of the UNAM visual art building by committing the funds for this project. Lastly we have also looked after the art students for a number of years by providing at least 15 per year with the chance to complete their studies. This will enable them to become part of the working mainstream of Namibia.”

He concluded by saying: “Let me say again that it has been a pleasure for Standard Bank to work with the University of Namibia, thereby ensuring the education of our nation, which ultimately leads to employment in this country and possibly even to job-creation for their fellow citizens.”


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