Grootfontein Town Council Office Bearers Reshuffled


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Grootfontein Municipality recently announced a reshuffle of office bearers at the Town Council. Mayor Rehabeam Rapama Kamehozu has retained the position of Mayor and Chairperson of the Council. The councillors elected Emma Taukuheke as Deputy Mayor and Vice-chairperson of the Council, replacing Paulus Hangula as Deputy Mayor. Madume Kawana is Chairperson of the Management Committee, while Hangula now becomes Vice-Chairperson of the Management Committee, with Henk Botha the final member of the Management Committee. Paulus Wimmerth and Titus Boois are ordinary members of the Town Council. Deputy Mayor Taukuheke said it was customary for the Town Council to review the various positions within the Council annually, and to rotate personnel if necessary. She said, however, that councillors had reached the decision on who should hold what office through a process of consultations among themselves. The present Grootfontein Town Council took office after the last municipal elections in May 2006.