What’s Love Got to Do with It?


John Ekongo WINDHOEK The lanky songbird and eternal beauty of a granny once asked the all pertinent question – what’s love got to do with it? I am quite young and inexperienced to understand the logicality behind the question. At one point in my life though I seemingly thought that I did understand anything under the sun regarding the topic of love. The only true love I think I have is the passion to pen nonsense down and write more gibberish than any right-minded journalist I can think of. Second to that is the squeaky voice of my grandmother blackmailing and extorting me for more money barely a week after I gave her her cut from my salary. Thirdly and maybe by admittance through the barrel of a gun, for that of my partner. But as I grew wiser, older and more bulky with age, I came to realize that I know jack-bottom of love. All of us I am sure claim to have loved and received love, so true that we think of it as the only best thing that has ever happened to us. But exactly how we get to that conclusion is baffling to say the least, more so confusing that you can distinguish between a fart and a cologne all in the name of love. We all long to be loved. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true, fake, infatuation, beserk ÃÆ’Æ‘ÂÂÃÆ’ÂÀÃ…¬ÃÆ’ÂÃ’šÂ¬Ã‚Âas long as we call it love, we want our lives to revolve around it. I am a Christian by default , but I do not claim expertise to the Bible when it talks about love. The teaching goes “For God … He gave His only begotten Son … so that we have eternal life.” Furthermore it even says that you must love your enemy like you love thee, ‘hah fat chance’. But lest we forget, it is obvious that Jesus made it understandable that love should be the greatest commandment. And then you have television. On the other hand television tells you that blind stupid devouring love exists. Anyhow television might be fiction but it draws inspiration from real life. To equate, does something like Septimus Oubaas van Zyl devouring love for Hilde in 7de Laan exist in real life? My guess is that such love does exist but all becomes sad if it is directed to someone who doesn’t care about the loving person.When I say wrong persons, I mean externally motivated by something else aside from love. All this brings me to this thought, what can possibly be called love between a nifty rampant hormonical Paris Hilton-inspired teenager with a Gal Level album and a grumpy retired probably menopausal midlife crisised potbellied tatÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©? If there is a lesson to be learned ask Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. Does love exist in cross-generationl relationships? All this reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith’s union with the obviously clear-as-daylight terminally dead rich oil tycoon. Forgive me I have forgotten his name. You see, there’re some women who do not want to be missed out by the smell of petrol and each time they see a car, they want to jump onto it like puppies. It doesn’t matter whether he looks like a horse or the back of a bus crashed in an accident – as long as he has money, he wins. He can break a happy union. Ask me about it I know. Well, it doesn’t mean that men are the only ones who ruin happy relationships. We all know of countless ladies who leave their faithful catholic brought-up men to roam around body-building gyms trying to find bliss outside marriage. It’s just as lousy as goose chasing. Obviously trying to fish for anyone with the resembles of a sixpack that looks like Killa B and Jossy Joss’s. Even James Todd Griffith (LL Cool J) praises himself “me and my sixpack”. Now if you ask me, I have never been the one to give quite objective views … but given that this is a democratic country with all the free speech, blah blah bla thingy, I think that it is absolutely pure “bokkerol” – love’s got nothing to do with it. But looks, car, cash,cellphone, a Lazarus Kandara trademark suit (may his soul rest in peace) and a Hochland Park mansion have everything else do with. To conlude, don’t shoot the messenger, rather do that to the message. Like I said, so what’s love got to do with it? Please can anyone tell me? Or otherwise Sorry Ngo.