Uutoni Re-elected Regional Coordinator


By William Mbangula OSHAKATI The Swapo Regional Conference held in Oshakati re-elected Erastus Uutoni as the Regional Coordinator, defeating his opponent, former NBC employee, John ya Kanandjembo. Uutoni also serves as the Mayor of Ongwediva. Other positions that were up for grabs included the one of Treasurer previously held by the Councillor for Uuvudhiya Amutenya Ndahafa who declined to contest. Three candidates contested for the position, namely Angelina Angula, Herman Toivo, an employee of the FNB and Katrina Shimbulu, the newly-elected Mayor of Oshakati. Angula, who is also the Chairperson of the Ongwediva Council Management Committee, was given the position. The position of Regional Mobilizer, which has not been occupied on a full-time basis since 1998, was contested between a local Councillor in Ogwediva Town, Jason Asino, and Councillor of Oshakati East constituency, Lotto Kuushomwa who took the position. The conference also elected three candidates for the Central Committee as well as 10 delegates to the envisaged Swapo congress later this year. Apart from electing the leadership, the conference held at Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre discussed some pertinent issues related to social and economic development. The Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Gabes Shihepo, urged his audience to remain united in whatever they will be doing. “Unity,” said Shihepo, “which is of profound importance, has been the cornerstone of Swapo since its inception 47 years ago and should be maintained at all times.” In his view, Swapo may not face strong opposition in the future since some of the opposition parties, which were created to challenge Swapo, are in disarray and consequently face a natural death like frogs in a frying pan. Other speakers were the Director of Health, Dr Naftali Hamata; Dutte Shinyemba, Director of Education; and Deputy Commissioner Joseph Anghuwo, Commander of the Police in Oshana.