Stronger Leadership Needed against AIDS


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The time has come for Africans to lead the world out of its quagmire of immorality if we are to win the struggle against HIV/AIDS. This was said yesterday by Dr Eva Seobi, an executive member of Doctors for Life in South Africa, as guest speaker at the 11th annual HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign at the Polytechnic of Namibia. Hundreds of students and invited guests attended the two-day gathering that was held under the theme, Leadership in the 21st Century: HIV/AIDS & Violence, and is sponsored by Nedbank. “The present adult generation is on a purposeful campaign of teaching the younger generation an education of a world without negative consequences, a world with no bad results. They give the younger ones the impression or concept that life is about enjoyment – meaning to give expression to your feelings at any time, in any way, with whomever you wish, knowing that nothing bad will happen to the youth,” said Dr Seobi. “And just in case something bad does happen, we will put laws in place to ward off any possibility of unpleasant results,” she stated. According to her, what used to be frowned upon by society has now become the norm. “Back in the old days children used to be spanked for doing wrong and, of course, this used to be a universal way of disciplining children. However, nowadays parents are confused and sometimes scared to spank their children for fear of being accused of being child-abusers and so run the risk of being arrested. Our values have been turned upside down. We are no more speaking about absolute wrong or right. Everything is now relative,” she claimed. Dr Seobi alluded to the abortion laws – in case the youth falls pregnant; the Children’s Rights are there just in case parents or any adult wants to interfere with the youth’s enjoyment; and condoms are there just in case sexual infections trouble the youth; lower the age on consent just in case the youth wants to indulge in sex at an early age. “Dignify your weaknesses to engage in sex to earn money by no longer calling yourself a prostitute, but a sex-worker. And same-sex relationship tendencies are no longer classified as an abnormal psychiatric disorder, but as a normal sexual orientation. The list goes on and on – the definition of marriage is about to change just to make room for our human weaknesses. One wonders not only when it is going to stop, but most terrifying is: where in the world are we heading?,” she posed the question. With regard to violence against children, Dr Seobi explained that abused children grow up to be bitter people on a vendetta to get back at society. “We have all sorts of child abuse – sexual, verbal, economic, physical – but we have missed spiritual abuse. The Lord Jesus states as a fact that little people believe in Him,” she asserted.