Kudos for Soccer Course and Govt


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK President of the Namibian Football Association John Muinjo said he was extremely impressed by the standard of the three-day FIFA Community Course under way in the capital. Speaking to New Era yesterday, Muinjo said local football administrators and other stakeholders in the game such as the media, sports officers and sponsors will greatly benefit from the course as it is a dynamic course which covers different aspects of the game. Muinjo, who was elected end of last year as the president of the association said his leadership is committed towards capacity building for sports administrators and the course will not be the last of its kind. He noted that the NFA through FIFA is planning to host another advanced course in June for referees and administrators, adding that he was impressive by the high attendance and interest the participants showed at the beginning of the course. Muinjo said that his association is serious about capacity building and last week the NFA Technical Director attended another FIFA sponsored course in Mozambique to promote indoor and beach soccer. He said the two soccer disciplines are very good for the game as they develop the skills of players as they are exposed to an intense high-speed game. A three-day FIFA community course was launched in Windhoek on Monday and was attended by members of Namibia’s football fraternity and the Government, including Minister of Sport John Mutorwa and the Director of Sport Vetumbavi Veii. Southern African regional representative Ashford Mamelodi, who is no stranger to Namibian football, led the FIFA delegation. The Botswana based Mamelodi was also influential in solving problems that faced the association last year. The delegation included experts in marketing and communications. The head of delegation is Pascale Torres, the head of FIFA’s development management team in Zurich, while the team includes communication experts Mark Gleeson and George Baptista and marketing experts Ian Riley and Rudi Tadeo. Communication between different stakeholders will be a key component of the workshop, according to Mamelodi. Speaking the Namibia Sport on Monday, Mamelodi said, “We must strengthen communication between the various stakeholders, for instance the communication between football and the Government. Government is a key stakeholder in football in Namibia and Africa in general. During Namibia’s football crisis last year, the role of the Namibian Government was brilliant,” he said. The workshop will also look at relationships with the media, while the final day will focus on marketing. Mamelodi said all southern African countries must be optimally prepared to take advantage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but they had to make sure they were ready. “All countries have to participate, but this is the World Cup, not the African Cup of Nations or some smaller event. Countries must make sure that their stadiums are ready and that their pitches are as flat as carpets. They must also have the necessary training and cloakroom facilities, like massage tables,” he said.