Why the Fuss About Loans to DRC, Zimbabwe?


Dear Editor,

Man’s thinking and mental standard are reflected in his expression, so is his level of understanding. It is unwise to engage oneself in matters one does not understand or know and to make conclusions basing oneself on the little knowledge one has. It is therefore wise to listen to those who know and to seek clarity on what one does not know.

I would like to contribute to the much-talked about so-called N$25 million given to the DRC and the recent N$40 million to go for the rehabilitation of the power plants in Zimbabwe for the obtainment of an alternative electricity supply from that country. Now, is the outcry over these monies all because they are from an African country to other African countries or where exactly lies the problem?

Namibia itself is a recipient of millions of dollars in loans from other countries on a daily basis and we do not hear hullabaloos from their nationals as to why the grants, aids and loans were given. They are of course not naive.

And for those citizens who are “concerned” about money being given to those neighbouring countries? Have they themselves never bailed out a friend in need of their assistance or received a bank loan?

In the case of a bank loan, do we see bank clerks who might know of these loans on the throat of bank managers demanding why the loan was given or how the customer was going to pay the loan back? No, this is uncalled for.

The argument that the money Namibia gave is badly needed here is baseless.

Namibia itself is a product of the international community, Zimbabwe included, as well as political and moral support to the liberation movements from late Desire Kabila. Unless we are na??????’??


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