Insurance Case Postponed Indefinitely


By Catherine Sasman


The Supreme Court yesterday indefinitely postponed a case of appeal brought to it by Hendrik Christian of Hope Financial Services against a High Court decision to have a matter involving insurance giant, Momentum Group Limited, scrapped from the roll.

This decision came after Christian requested the postponement on the grounds that he had been unable to secure legal representation.

Christian, who is the only appellant after the court discarded Cedric Julius as the second appellant, preferred to address the court in Nama, making use of an interpreter.

This, interestingly, is the first time the Nama language – a 40 000-year-old language – was used in the Supreme Court.

“I have not been able to secure legal representation because there are no Namibian lawyers capable to deal with a complex matter such as this,” said an accusingly sounding, but visibly relieved, Christian after the court’s decision.

Christian’s appeal against the High Court decision to have the case scrapped, involves Namibian pension monies, which he claims had been illegally transferred and taxed in South Africa.

He further accused the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) of “selectively enforcing the country’s laws”, and bemoans the authority’s purported lack of action with regard to the Momentum Pension Fund monies.


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