Elemotho and Band Off to Spain


By Wezi Tjaronda


Elemotho and the Band travel to Spain next week to perform at various venues including the TARIFA Africa Film Festival.

The group, comprising the reknowned Elemotho G.R. Mosimane, Afron Nyambali, Erwin Haraseb, Salex, Ermerinda Thataone and Polina Lubnina, leave the country on April 19 to perform at the festival scheduled to take place on April 27.

Everything started by the band being invited to perform at the festival as an Africn band, in the alternative activities to the films they project.

The organizers contacted Elemotho through a website where his music is on: www.kelsonmusic.com and invited him to perform.

The group got in touch with the Spanish Cooperation Office in Namibia to ask if they could sponsor their tickets and visas to enable them to participate in this project.

A Spanish Concert Agency was approached, which immediately started to take care of the band and arranged a tour regarding venues where the band would be playing in big festivals all around the country, including the capital Madrid.

Some of the festivals are World Music Festivals (like the one in Territorios 2007, in Seville), where they will be playing with bands like Ismael Lo, and Sargent Garcia, or Carlinhos Brown, even Violent Femmes. Other festivals are organized in cultural centres and concert venues.

Elemotho said the festival affords them the opportunity to portray what is truly Namibian.

“Hopefully it will be true Namibian music. It’s a big festival,” he said.

Mosimane told New Era yesterday that the group intended to use this opportunity to perform more gigs.

The group returns to Windhoek May 20.

Elemotho thanked the Spanish Embassy in Namibia.


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