Another Exhibition at Indian Restaurant


By Lucia Hug

Art 4 U is an initiative of SMEs Compete, a consultancy firm that provides business capacity-building support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

An exhibition, to be opened on Wednesday evening by newly accredited High Commissioner of India, Tsewang Topden, “uniquely recognizes the contribution that local artists make to the development of Namibia’s economy”, says the firm’s director, Danny Meyer.

The contribution he refers to is not merely from sales to local art-lovers, but to discerning buyers from abroad too. It is believed that the country’s export earnings from the sale of art amount to millions of dollars annually.

The event takes place from Wednesday to Saturday at the Taal Indian Restaurant located in Windhoek’s Independence Avenue. After the success of the earlier two exhibitions last year, the eatery – known for its fine Indian cuisine – is again partnering with SMEs Compete by hosting the third Art 4 U exhibition.

The owners of the Taal Indian Restaurant, Navin Morar and Alexander Zacharia, and SMEs Compete share a common vision when it comes to helping to build Namibia’s economy. With the Art 4 U exhibitions, they aim to demonstrate support for enterprise and entrepreneurial development in general, and specifically for emerging local artists.

According to Alexander, artists often find it challenging to locate a suitable venue with a higher concentration of potential buyers, where they can then display and showcase their talents.

“Art 4 U exhibition provides such an opportunity for budding artists and strives to help them expose their work to local and foreign buyers”, says Alexander.

This time five upcoming local artists will have an opportunity to showcase their work at the Art 4 U exhibition which has been running since Wednesday until tomorrow. The ‘old hand’ who exhibited at the first and second Art 4 U exhibitions is Werner Mouton. He is joined by Martin Bosman and Maren Malan who both enjoyed impressive success at the second Art 4 U exhibition where they both recorded high sales. Newcomers this time round are Suna Schafer and Hester Smith.

Artworks currently on display range from abstracts to portraits, and landscape paintings in oils, pastels, and watercolours.

“As will be seen from the works, the artists have clearly been influenced by the unique Namibian landscapes, colours and the clear and unpolluted natural light”, says Meyer.


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