EU Proposes to Lift Trade Restrictions on ACP Countries


By Catherine Sasman


The European Union (EU) has made a substantive offer to all ACP [African, Carribbean and Pacific] countries that proposes to remove all remaining quota and tariff limitations on access to that market.

Excluded from this arrangement are goods such as rice and sugar. For these, an accelerated phasing out is being proposed.

The Namibian meat and grape sectors, as well as other agronomic products, stand to benefit from the proposals currently on the table. According to Dr. Elisabeth Pape, head of the EU delegation in the country last week, such products can now enter the EU market duty-free and quota-free.

It is expected that the new proposal will be fully implemented by January next year.

Namibia, said the EU delegation, would have to formally request for new or added products to be exported there.

Currently Namibia is, for example, only allowed to export boneless beef to the European market. Under the new arrangement, it would be able export bone and lamb.

The proposed change is not a new development, but has grown and developed with changing global trade and political configurations.

EU and ACP countries signed a co-operation agreement in Lom??????’??


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