Film-Watching for 24 Hours


By Frederick Philander


A ‘Movie Marathon’ is the latest artistic addition to the local entertainment market planned for early next month.

The unique concept is a project of Centric Communications, a company owned by Namvula Ankama, also responsible for an annual national music competition.

“This is an entertainment and social interactive project that was created and developed last year in response to certain needs and wants of mainly young people to embark upon a better, challengeable and fun programme during their holidays,” said Ankama yesterday at a press briefing.

Coca Cola, The Movie Place and Autogas Namibia are the main sponsors of the event that will be staged again in future, depending on the public’s reaction.

“The project allows the various participants to compete against each other just as they would compete in athletics or any other sport activity, the only difference this marathon entails is watching movies non-stop for 24 hours.

They will be watching 17 family-oriented selected films targeting the youth and young adults, and they stand a chance of winning prizes,” she said of the films, which include romantic films, action, comedy, cartoons, dramas and thrillers.

Strict rules will be in place for all participants to adhere to.

“The participants will be questioned in the end in order to be selected and qualify for the prizes. They will have to watch all the films and know the content in preparation for pertinent questions. At an entry fee of only N$60 per person, winners will be able to walk away with cameras and DVD players,” she said of the event that will be staged at the National Theatre of Namibia, where entry tickets will be available.

According to Ankama, the profits made from the ‘Movie Marathon’ will be given to two Namibian charities still to be decided upon.

“The main objectives of the event include the provision of entertainment, to provide young people with a positive social platform, to connect people culturally and to encourage creativity,” she concluded.


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