BE BOLD, BE BRAVE – “Become a Money Master”


By Frank Tagarira

When I was growing up my parents used to give me this advice: “Go to school, get good grades and one day you will get a good job with a big company or the government like your father.” I did go to school, got the best grades I could get, and surely one day I did get a good job with a big company.

However, it was at this job after working overtime when I realized I was actually exchanging time for money. I wanted to have money and people working for me and not me working for other people to make money. I asked myself, “Who am I making rich and prosperous? Why can’t money and people work for me? Why can’t I become the Master of money and make money my faithful servant? Why can’t I create my own business empire?”

It then hit me that my parents’ advice was “poison”. Who can blame them because that’s the advice 90 percent of the world’s population live by. My parents were probably given this advice by their parents. This bad, very bad advice was and is being passed on from many family generations to next generations, but not anymore in my family. I then decided to be different, to think different and live by the rules 10 percent of the world’s wealthiest live by. I am still digging the foundation of my business empire and you too can start digging the foundation of your business empire and one day you will have people and money working for you and not you working for people and money.

I have nothing against being employed, but let’s face it, who makes the most money? Who makes money when they are sleeping? Who has money working for them and doesn’t have to work for money? Is it the employee or the employer? Think about it.

Employers make money when they are sleeping and I am sure most of us would love this lifestyle. Why not be the boss of money, why not become the master of money? It’s certainly not easy to become a Money Master but it takes the right mindset and a lot of sacrifice. Sometimes we have to be employed in order to learn the ropes (the business) until we can stand on our own feet. If you are employed but deep down inside you know that you truly want to be a money master then learn what you can within the organization to make you an effective person. You don’t have to save up millions or borrow millions to be a money master. It starts with developing a strong burning desire to make money work for you. The how will answer itself soon enough as your mindset begins to shift towards the money master consciousness.

So how do you become a Money Master? Firstly let me define the term Money Master. A Money Master is someone who has people and money working for them to create more wealth and more free time. You become a Money Master when you have money and people working for you. Hang on, hang on.

Imagine “Money and people working for you!” Amazing, isn’t it! The good news is that is very possible, very much possible. To become a Money Master you must become an EntrepreneurInvestor or an InvestorEntrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur and an Investor is inextricably linked. Indirectly or directly both have people and money working for them. Money is their faithful servant ready to obey their commands. They are masters of money and when they say “jump” money asks how high. Money obeys their commands. They are Masters of money. They don’t have to exchange time for money like an employee but money exchanges them more time for more money. Money gives them more time to make more money and do whatever they want to do.

Wow! Wouldn’t you want to have money as one of your servants? Wouldn’t you like to have money as your faithful servant eager to obey your commands? It’s all possible, very possible, but it takes creating the right mindset.

How then do you create the right mindset? You must be willing to play the game by the rules. Ten percent of the world’s wealthiest play the game. You must have the Money Master mindset. Why should you work for someone when someone can work for you? Why should you exchange time for money when money can exchange time and more money for you? It takes being bold to take the first step but it’s a risk worth taking. Look at the richest man in the world, Bill Gates. Bill dropped out of law school to pursue his dreams and desires of creating and owning his own business empire, and that’s how Microsoft was born. I am actually writing this chapter of my book using Microsoft on Windows XP software, thanks to Bill Gates. Bill Gates was willing to do and dare, he took a bold move and it paid off. It didn’t pay off in one day, but it paid off and made him the richest man in the world.

If you are willing to do and dare, if you are bold and brave enough to start pursuing your “own dreams” instead of the employer’s dreams, if you are willing to think outside the box, if you are willing to have money and people working for you, then start now. Be bold, be brave, become a Money Master.

It’s about the mindset; create the right mindset and one day you will surely achieve greatness. You will prosper beyond your wildest dreams and you will have more wealth for your family for generations to come.

Yes, the abundant and prosperous life is not only for the Bill Gateses, the Richard Bransons, The Donald Trumps. Its for anyone who is willing to do and dare; it’s for those who are bold enough to claim their wildest dreams from Mother Nature.

Go on, make your choice today and become a Money Master. Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Excited.

Frank Tagarira, is
a Business Coach,
Consultant and Entrepreneur.


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