Many Alcoholics Weaned from Bottle


By Berio Mbala


Novavita Rehabilitation Centre that opened its doors in 1994, mainly to sober up Telecom Namibia and NamPost employees who were hooked on alcohol and had other problems related to substance abuse, has since its founding assisted many addicts.

The centre, which falls under Telecom Namibia as part of its social responsibility programmes, recently opened its doors to the public and admits anyone with drug and alcohol abuse problems.

According to a social worker at Novavita, Natalie Bezuidenhout “the centre is known throughout the country and even our neighbouring countries such as South Africa and Angola have been making use of our services”.

She said the centre has nine patients who receive individual and group work sessions and vocational therapy to help them gain hope for themselves.

Fees are pegged at N$6 600 for three weeks’ treatment, payable in cash or through a medical aid scheme.

Situated in Klein Windhoek, Sam Nuyoma Avenue close to Klein Windhoek Shopping Complex, the centre offers an atmosphere where patients can enjoy nature, do self-introspection and undergo spiritual healing.

The centre can accommodate a minimum of four people and a maximum of nine. Its main focus is to prevent substance abuse and provide treatment and rehabilitation for addicts, she said.

“Once people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is very difficult to over come it (habit) unless one seeks help at a rehabilitation centre and it is for us to assist and motivate these people change their lifestyles,” she explained.

Patients undergo several programmes that include sharing experiences with others that have undergone similar programmes and have stopped using drugs and alcohol. The centre helps them regain self-image and self-esteem.

During their three weeks’ stay at the centre, the inmates get to clean their rooms and the centre’s surroundings, and play different games with their mates, she said.

The patients are allowed visitors during weekends but there are strict rules to be adhered to. A thorough search is conducted to prevent alcohol and drugs being smuggled into the centre. The gate is always locked. Visitors have to ring a bell for attention after which they are subjected to a thorough search before entering the premises.

“The reason why we are doing that is because the public out there cannot realize the harm that sneaking in alcohol would do to the recovery process of patients,” she said.

Bezuidenhout called on the public to refer anybody who is desperately in need of help to Novavita Rehabilitation Centre in Klein Windhoek, Sam Nuyoma Avenue. She urged the public to make use of the rehabilitation centre.


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