Debating Gains Momentum


By Frederick Philander


A UNAM student team last week convincingly won the first debating contest for tertiary institutions from the Polytechnic of Namibia that was held for the first time as part of Black History Month in the country.

The exciting debating contest, attended by a large audience, was organized by the American Cultural Centre’s director, Ray Castillo, who praised both groups for their team spirit.

“This was the very first time we have organized the event, but it will definitely not be the last time, due to the massive interest in debating” said Castillo.

Lazarus Jacobs acted as facilitator of the debate, which centred around affirmative action – whether it is reverse discrimination.

The students selected the topic from four others, which included: ‘What are the causes of poverty in Africa?’, ‘Are African-Americans Africans?’, ‘Is corruption an African phenomenon?’


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