Queen Strengthens Royal Ties


By William Mbangula


The Queen of Ovakwanyama, Martha Mwadinomho Nelumbu, visited her counterpart Ondonga King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas on Saturday as part of efforts to strengthen relations between the two royal houses.

The spokesperson of Ondonga Traditional Authority, Senior Headman Boas Mweendeleli, told New Era that this was the first time the Queen of Ovakwanyama had visited the Ondonga palace at Onamungundo after taking over from her late uncle Kornelius Mwetupunga Shelungu who died in 2005.

Shelungu was the first King of Ovakwanyama in more than 70 years following the death of King Mandume Ndemufayo in the battle of Oihole against the Portuguese and South African and British colonial forces on 6 February, 1917.

Mweendeleli noted that the two traditional leaders wanted to create an atmosphere of cordial relations as a way to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Recently, there was tension between the two authorities following a land dispute at Ekoka in Okongo constituency.

The Queen was accompanied on her historic visit by some of her senior traditional leaders, amongst them the Chairperson of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority George Nelulu, Lucas Shinedima, the Senior Headman of Onhuno, Amon Shipanga, the Senior Headman of Onamutayi, the Councillor of Engela constituency and acting Senior Headman of Ohaingu, Urias Nghidinihamba Ndilula, former Police Commissioner Elisa Haulyondjaba and others.

Among those who came to welcome the Queen aside from the big crowd, King Elifas and his wife Cecilia, were also some of his senior traditional leaders, Andreas Uukule, Tonata Amakali, Boas Mweendeleli and the Chairperson of Ondonga Traditional Authority, Peter Kauluma.

From the Government’s side, some of the Oshindonga speakers who attended were veteran Swapo politician Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Dr Nickey Iyambo, Chairperson of the Public Service Commission Eddie Amkongo, Councillor of Oniipa Constituency John Shiindi, Phillemon Ndjambula, the Councillor of Olukonda where the seat of the Ondonga kingdom is located, the Governor of Oshikoto Penda ya Ndakolo, Prime Minister Nahas Angula and others.

King Elifas who is also the Chairperson of the Council of Traditional leaders in Namibia has been King of Ondonga since 1975.

He donated three cows to his counterpart.


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