Angry Father ‘Ambushes’ Santam Awards Ceremony


By Staff Reporter


The annual Santam Broker Awards were held on Friday, March 30, 2007 at a local hotel to recognise achievements of the various Santam brokers operating in Namibia.

Everyone present was caught by surprise when, a father and son incident took place during the keynote speech of the Managing Director of Santam Namibia, Riaan Louw.

The interruption was caused by an irate father, who was staying at the hotel where the event was being held.

This highly annoyed man ended up chasing his son through the event threatening to thrash the teenage boy for allegedly damaging the family car.

As the scene unfolded it became apparent that this was a staged ambush with actors following carefully scripted lines, regarding the re-launch of the Santam Drive-in Centre. Thewinwingroup was the agency that organised the ambush and following on from their successful ambushes with Nam-mic over the last two weeks, once again thewinwingroup was able to capture the attention of the audience, many of whom believed it was a genuine “incident”.

Having recently been appointed by Santam Namibia to run certain projects, thewinwingroup offers a fusion of traditional advertising, marketing and communication solutions which include road shows and activation, such as ambush theatre which is proving to be highly effective in the Namibian market.

Ulrich Hanstein, Director of thewinwingroup said: “Our strategy has always been to capture the hearts and minds of our client’s target markets.

“We achieve this in various ways and do not hesitate to cross the traditional advertising barriers.”


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