Gospel Choir Shows Its Artistic Mettle


By Frederick Philander


The ‘Maranatha Singers’ was established in June 2005 and is directed by Evy George. She has gained extensive experience in choral directing through her involvement in children, youth and adult choirs. The choir has 30 adult members, is inter-denominational and multi-cultural, and functions as an autonomous organization. All members are experienced choir singers.

The Maranatha Singers sing mainly religious songs and the choir has, as its main objective, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

The choir furthermore strives to build bridges between churches and communities, language and culture groups and, as such, enforces the message of unity. The choir visited several churches to minister in song during the morning services, which was a wonderful opportunity to experience unity in diversity.

The Maranatha Singers is a member of the Choral Association of Namibia (CAN) to which four other inter-denominational choirs from Windhoek, Rehoboth and the coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund (Swacapella) belong. CAN has two choir performances annually to generate funds for charity.

The Maranatha Singers had its premiere performance during August 2006 at the National Theatre of Namibia where songs from various genres were performed. A number of vernacular songs composed by Namibia’s own gifted composer, Marcellinus Swartbooi, have also been included in the programme.

The choir made another public appearance last Saturday at the Eros NG Church to commemorate Easter in song and music. At this occasion a few English songs relating the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, freshly composed for the occasion by Marcellinus Swartbooi, were performed for the first time.

The programme included soloists, as well as the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah by George Frederich Handel. Erina Junius was the organist. A brass ensemble, directed by the well-known Pastor Paul Kisting, also participated in the programme.

The choir will be touring the Northern Cape over the Easter Weekend to take Namibian culture beyond the borders of our country. Other projects for this year include a charity concert, an African Bonanza, and a Christmas Concert.


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