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John Ekongo

UNIQUENESS has always been a Namibian character. Namibians have always been artistic especially when it comes to naming. It will be sad indeed to let such part of our culture go, if we don’t appreciate it.

It is for such reason my consultancy DUMB-Solutions (Difficult Unsolved Matters Brilliant Solutions) deemed it wise to provide you with a list of suitable names one can use to name your child, of course provided he/she fits the profile.

Below is an abridged list of names that are authentically Namibian and have drawn inspiration from our Namibian society. A detailed list is available for viewing at our main premises: Kondjeni Bottle Store opposite the Katutura Single Quarters.

If you think your child will one day be a successful accounts and forensic investigator consider naming him/her Accounts de Waal.

By any chance, if you have given birth to a musical genius consider Anthems Doeseb
Tango Kgosimang, I need not say more.

Tsunami Moetie, forget I mention this name.

Unless you think otherwise, should your offspring have a fondness for notes, surely Banknotes Alweendo is suitable.

If your bundle of joy will be a very inquisitive one, with a sense of humour what do you think of Curious Ndayola Hamata
Heroes Acre Mwalundunga, as the name suggests, you must consider him a very gallant fighter and hero of course.

Central Committee Usiku, we have no clue on how this name appeared in our list, but could not agree more that it is indeed Namibian.

Kandara Ndapukile Avid, you must have a sense of bravado to name your child this – DUMB-Solutions highly recommend.

If you are a green thumb enthusiast, and have a firm belief that your offspring will be the same, then Greencard Groenewald is not so bad after all.

Clemens Kashuupulwa Joseph Diescho, come on Namibians we are peaceful nation
Loser Ndumbu, not related in any way whatsoever to Abraham Nanso Ndumbu.

Potholes Amweelo, unlike the name suggests your offspring is bound to become a civil and roads engineer.

For those parents that are speed fanatics Speed-kills Muadinohamba Beukes, sounds sharp. Imagine hearing that name over the loudspeaker at your child’s debut drag race.

Tilapia Iyambo, DUMB-Solutions wishes to state hereby that the name was donated to us, by some influential personality.

If you are Christian and you are absolutely convinced that your baby will become a reverend one day, I recommend definitely Mwaambo gwa Luthera Indongo
If all you do is work overtime, look no further Overtime Simasiku is just the right name.

I trust there is nothing wrong in calling your genius business minded child Tender Board Pupkewitz.

If you are the type of person that always follows up and completes assignments on time, your child should be honoured to have Reply Tjozombiinde as a name
Switch Ndorama, again please forget I said this name.

Woermann Brock Mungunda, come on guys it’s such a beautiful name.
Willing Seller Van der Westhuizen, name your child this as part of our duties for reconciliation.

DUMB-Solutions believe no Namibian name will be complete without its prize-winning brew, so Windhoek Lager Matundu
Willing Buyer Muranda, as part of embracing the spirit of reconciliation, make sure your kids sit together at the same desk at school.

No More Goamab II, my guess is that anyone naming his child this has a pretty good reason what he means
Should you be the one who loves peaceful means Give up Matengu describes it well.

Credit Gowaseb, it is a good name but does not suggest in any way that your child will be indebted to credit facilities.

Karakul Smit, obviously you already know that he is going to be a farmer, loves the Pumas and will play definitely for Outjo Secondary School first team.
Note well: Potential and prospecting parents searching for names are duly advised to make use of our services at a one-off non refundable fee of N$150 or any product equivalent to the amount quoted. Alternatively, a donation of Bells Scotch Whiskey will be accepted on a limited scale. No traditional foods will be accepted as form of payment.

By order, management DUMB-Solutions.
Sorry Ngo


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