Poetry that Moves the Soul



A land of the ingenuous virginity
Untouched, but oh so ready and waiting
for that first stroke of discovery
to rescue its people from hardship
Begging for that ideal opportunity
to caress its inhabitants with plenty

A land of unspoiled beauty, perfected by its desire
to turn shortage into an oasis of excess
where its populace will no longer have to migrate
in their quest to acquire riches

As a new born in the arms of her proud mother
filled with a deep sense of curiosity
to develop into an adult of stability
So is the Great Karas Region anticipating,
crying for an opportunity to be explored

A promising land dying for abundance
Where lack is no option
Where the spirit of prosperity is overwhelming
And the name equals availability

Hail, the Great Karas Region
Acclaim your unfounded treasures
Salute your awaited probabilities
Uphold your proud inheritance


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