Highway Donkeys Should Be Tagged


The Editor

IT was with sadness that we recently read a news item in New Era concerning the road accident in Botswana involving a bus, carrying Namibian students, trying to avoid donkeys on the road in the dark.

We have been aware of this problem for a while, and subsequently, working with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA), developed a solution. Our reflective ear tags have proved very successful in alerting drivers to the presence of donkeys on the road at night, giving them sufficient time to take safe avoiding action.

Our organisation, Donkey Welfare of Namibia (www.donkevwelfare.com) has developed the tags in conjunction with a South African manufacturer.

The number of tags distributed is limited by the amount we have raised in donations from the UK public, but they are available from wholesalers in Namibia (Agra).

Our ambition is to ensure that all donkeys which are close to main highways will be tagged in the near future, thus reducing the likelihood of these terrible accidents.

Yours sincerely
Peter Collingwood
Donkey Welfare of Namibia,
Marston Lodge,
Sudbury Hill,
Harrow on the Hill,
HAl 3NH,
United Kingdom.


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