Two Namibia-SA Border Posts to Close


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Holweg and Noenieput border posts between Namibia and South Africa will be permanently closed from March 31. A Joint Commission on Defence and Security of the two countries last year decided to close the border posts because of their limited economical benefits. Last week, Ministry of Home affairs spokesperson, Kauku Hengari, said the border post in Aroab in the Karas Region was opened by the previous regime and catered mainly for farmers crossing into South Africa to visit and do shopping there. Hengari said a report compiled on the operations at the border indicated that the post needed to be closed with immediate effect. “It takes up to three days with no one crossing the border,” Hengari said, adding that this made operating the post uneconomical. The users of the border will have to make use of Klein Manasse border post, which is estimated to be about 100 kilometres away. An official at the Aroab Village Council said the closure would not negatively impact the residents there because they have two other options, namely: Ariamsvlei and Klein Manasse. About four people work at the post.