Police Smash Syndicate of Criminals


By William Mbangula Oshakati – The Police here have smashed a syndicate of criminals believed to have been involved in a series of armed robberies and housebreaking incidents. Oshana Regional Crime Coordinator, Chief Inspector Golden Naanda, confirmed to New Era that four suspects were arrested over the weekend at various places in the country and have already appeared in court facing charges of housebreaking and theft. One of the most significant incidents which led to the arrest of the four – Hosea Iipinge, Akapia Robinson Kahuhwena, Kandjulu August Angula and a certain Golden – was when items worth N$60ÃÆ’Æ‘ÀÃ…ÃÆ”šÃ‚ 000, including jackpot machines, were stolen from a place at Omuntele in the Oshikoto Region last December. The jackpot machines were recovered in Windhoek where some of the suspects, who have been on the run since the incident, have been hiding. Naanda cautioned members of the public to take care of their property, especially valuable items which need to be safe-guarded more jealously. He said: “We have noticed that some people are still keeping valuables in their houses such as money and other items. Most business people are still keeping large amounts of money which, in most cases, tempt criminals to break into their houses or stage armed robberies against them.”

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