‘ACC Must Pull Up Its Socks’


First, I would like to congratulate you on your new position and your strong workforce. But anyhow, I am not happy with your entire dealings hence every article that appears in the newspapers about you is not that much attracting the attention of the nation. What I am saying here is that your office is really not doing what we the public are financing it for in terms of tax. Most of the arrests that you have made are simple ones that can also be investigated by the Namibian Police detectives or investigators. There are outstanding cases and new cases that your office has at its disposal involving high-ranking officers, and yet you are turning a blind eye to them and become boastful when you apprehend a simple person allegedly involved in small cases such as the school secretary at a people’s primary school. Tell the nation as to when can it expect results with regard to the millions that involve highly-ranking officers. Please, everyone is equal before the law, meaning we must all be treated the same without any prejudice. Really what you are doing is unfair and contrary to the oath that you took when His Excellency swore you in. We expect your office to uproot corruption without considering people’s status in the form of economic, political and any other means. Remember, you have a very dedicated and competent workforce and they are really not utilised to their fullest capacity. Most of those detectives are professionally and personally known to me as being hard workers. The head of the state is serious about the uprooting of corruption – we trust you but you are disappointing the nation. Lastly, thanks for the latest arrests at the Social Security Commission and Noordoewer Border Post. Please pull up your socks, we will soon lose hope in you. George Trophy Matali Shop Steward MUN

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