Nafinu Signs Agreement with DBN


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK The Namibia Financial Institutions Union (Nafinu) yesterday morning signed a procedural and recognition agreement with the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN). At the signing ceremony the general secretary of Nafinu, Asnath Zamuee, said the signing ceremony represented the final stage of a tripartite recognition and procedural agreement for the workers and employers. She said the Namibian government is a member of the International Labour Organization and thus is committed to the upholding of all core conventions of the organization. “Among these core ILO conventions is the one on the freedom of association and collective bargaining.” She added that these conventions aim at ensuring that all workers can form and join trade unions of their choice without fear and intimidation and likewise employees are also free to form and join independent associations. “This freedom means that we should encourage an open and constructive attitude by private businesses and public employers towards freely chosen workers’ representatives, the development of agreed bargaining methods and complementary forms of co-operation concerning terms and conditions of employment.” She added that companies should demonstrate the political willingness and not only provide well-written recognition agreements. “Wealth creation to those who are committed to productivity should be the main focus.” On behalf of DBN, Gabriel Mpapaha said his institution is ready to recognize Nafinu as an exclusive bargaining agent because it meets all the requirements needed as per the Labour Act in order to be recognized as an authentic representative of the employees as per the definition of the bargaining unit. He noted that the bargaining unit definition was amicably agreed upon during the negotiation process for all the non-managerial employees. “This agreement acceded to promote the advancement of a profitable and dynamic company in an increasingly competitive financial service industry as well as meet the changing needs of the shareholders of the Bank.” Mpapaha further noted that the parties agreed to build a constructive and meaningful relationship between them and to open communication, understanding and co-operation. “It is of vital importance for all parties to comprehend that the bank strives towards efficiency and high productivity at all times and it is our belief that through this tri-partite partnership efficiency and productivity will be enhanced, he said. The signing agreement was also witnessed by the Chief Executive officer of DBN David Nuyoma and DBN shop steward Michael Humavindu.