Guard Shoots Himself


By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK A security guard of Namibian Protection Services, Simon Theofilus, committed suicide at the Social Security Commission (SSC) premises on Friday morning. Theofilus shot himself with his service pistol in the forehead and died on the spot at around seven o’clock, an hour after he started his morning shift. The Public Relations Officer of the SSC, Rino Muranda, said although Theofilus was not an employee of the SSC many of the employees knew him as he was stationed at the SSC offices for a while. He said it is yet not known what led Theofilus to commit suicide and he described Theofilus, who was in his mid-thirties, as a very quiet man. Muranda said when he arrived at the SSC offices on Friday morning he saw many staff members standing around the security room at the entrance of the premises where Theofilus had shot himself. A security officer who was on duty with Theofilus said they met in the morning when they were dropped and the deceased did not act strange at all. He noted that Theofilus had been working for the company for almost three years and was staying in Havana.