Inputs Invited for Art Council


By Frederick Philander The National Arts Council (NACN) was founded through the National Arts Fund Act, as an administrative and advisory body of the Fund, a statement from the government arts promoter said. “The NACN is mandated to administer the fund by giving grants to local artists and arts organizations, with the aim to promoting and developing the Namibian Arts sector, as well as to encourage artists in their areas of specialization by giving them platforms to showcase – and in the same vein get income from – their works,” the administrator, Mkariko Amagulu said. The NACN has yet to begin giving grants and is currently working on the final draft of the NACN funding Guidelines and Criteria. Application form designs are also in their draft formats. “Before grants can be given out, there is a need for the involvement of those involved in the arts sector to take part in the decisions of this national body – this would be stakeholders expected to be involved in the growth process of the NACN. This is to encourage not only transparency, but also involvement of arts practitioners in its formation,” she said. It is expected that by the 16th February, 2007, all stakeholders would have given in their comments on the document, after which a workshop envisaged for the 1st March, 2007 will take place. “More details on the workshop will be made available in due course The workshop will bring together arts sector stakeholders to iron out any issues in the document/s before they are approved and utilized as a framework for funding. “Lastly, I look forward to getting your insights and experiences in the arts, now and in the future, so that together we can assist in taking our arts sector to greater heights,” she said prophetically.