Aminuis: 5th Constituency Office Built in Omaheke Region


By Kuvee Kangueehi Aminuis President Hifikepunye Pohamba says every Namibian should be allowed to have access to the constituency offices in the regions, irrespective of their political affiliation. Officially opening the Aminuis Constituency office on Thursday, the Head of State said that despite the fact that regional councillors who are in charge of the offices, come on different political party tickets, they are required by law to serve everybody. “Even if the great grandchildren of von Trotha came here, they should not be chased away.” Pohamba said the facility, which was built at a cost of N$1,2 million, was built to serve as a source of information about government policies and programmes in the constituency. He said that in this manner the people could be informed about development plans and policies that affect their daily lives. “With the completion of this office, the public can now visit the facility to obtain information and make enquiries about development of the constituency.” The President, who was on a two-day visit to the region, also noted that the government believes that one of the best and effective ways to empower the Namibian people is through availability of information so that citizens can make informed choices. He emphasized the fact that government’s programme to build offices for each constituency in the country can only be successful if citizens make full use of the facilities. “Our aim is to promote participatory democracy and citizen-centered development, and we want our citizens to have a voice in the social and economic upliftment of their communities,” he said. The President also congratulated the community of Aminuis for engaging in ecotourism activities, using the saltpans as the main attraction. “This is a commendable initiative which can enable the people of this constituency to benefit from these natural attractions.” He also called on all farmers in the area to work together in order to improve the way in which large and small livestock are marketed so that the profitability of farming operations can increase. He thanked the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development John Pandeni, Councillor Erwin Uanguta, Governor Laura McLeod and everybody else involved in the planning and construction of the office. At the same occasion, McLeod assured the Aminuis Constituency that government would continue to expand the physical infrastructure in order to facilitate economic activities for the benefit of all. “This office is the brainchild of the decentralization policy which provides for the establishment of regional structures as principal bodies to govern the regions. Let us embrace the policy of decentralization, because when we talk about it we are referring to democracy, participation, consultation, equity, accountability and responsiveness,” McLeod said. In the past two years, five constituency offices have been completed in the Omaheke Region, namely: at Aminuis, Otjinene, Tallismanus, Ben Hur and Steinhausen. The Aminuis Constituency office was built at the same place where the legendary Chief Hosea Kutako held court and where he prepared petitions which he subsequently delivered to the United Nations in New York.