Attempted Murderer Denied Bail


By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Twenty-eight-year old Michael Endjala who faces four counts of attempted murder after he allegedly tried to murder his wife, his two children and his sister-in-law was denied bail yesterday in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Desmond Beukes, who presided over the bail application, informed the court yesterday that the accused failed to convince the court that he will not interfere with state witnesses and thus could not grant him bail. Beukes said because of the relationship the accused has with the state witnesses, it is almost impossible for the accused not to make contact with them. He said it is almost inevitable that Endjala would make contact with his wife as well as his wife’s sister, Dorothy Gatyehe, who is a crucial witness for the State. He noted that Endjala’s interference with the State witnesses could adversely affect the State in carrying out a fair trial. He added that it is also the duty of the court to protect the weak in the society, including children. Beukes also noted that Endjala is facing serious charges. It is alleged that Endjala took a 9mm Makarov pistol and started shooting at his wife, the couple’s eight-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter, and his wife’s sister, Dorothy Gatyehe. Mrs Endjala was shot in the chest, while the couple’s son was struck in the left leg, the baby was hit in the stomach, and Gatyehe was wounded in the abdomen. Earlier reports also revealed that the incident took place at the couple’s rented flat in Khomasdal’s Garnet Street. Gatyehe was shot in the back while trying to flee. After the shooting, it is alleged, Endjala sped off in a car, taking the wounded baby girl with him. He was found at Medi-Clinic Hospital and arrested later that evening. By the time Detective Linekela Hilundwa arrived at the hospital, Endjala had also tried to shoot himself in the head, but was not seriously injured. The outcome of the bail hearing further widened the relationship between the two families. The Gatyehe family strongly opposed the bail application and said they feared for their lives. Gatyehe after the court hearing said her family was happy that Endjala was not granted bail. “He would have finished all of us.” Gatyehe said their relationship with Endjala had not been good even before the incident. She alleged that Endjala once threatened to beat his father-in-law and hardly spoke to any of his in-laws. Endjala’s mother-in-law also welcomed the court’s decision to deny Endjala bail and said although she feels sorry for her daughter and her grandchildren it was in their best interest that he was denied bail. She noted that Endjala never showed any respect to her and hardly greeted her or spoke to her. She said Endjala also married their daughter without their approval. “We just went to a funeral to South Africa, when we returned she was already married to him.” The case was postponed to January 19 for further investigations. Endjala was represented by Sisa Namandje, while Hitjevi Tjiroze represented the state.