In Defence of Nujoma


By Kazenambo Kazenambo A certain Mr Phil ya Nangolo’s article published by the Windhoek Observer of Saturday January 6, 2007 on the so-called ‘exposÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© about Nujoma’s CIA connections’ will not go unchallenged. The Founding Father/President of the Nation of Namibia, Comrade Sam Nujoma, remains an icon and towering personality who represents and epitomizes the heroic culture and deeds of great sacrifices made by the Namibian people for the attainment of our country’s freedom and independence. Nujoma has stepped into and filled the shoes of our great heroes and heroines (our great leaders) such as Tjamuaha, Samuel Maharero, Nicodemus Kahimemua, Hendrik Witbooi, Nehale ya Mpingana, Ipumbu ya Shilongo, Mandume ya Ndemufayo, Hosea Kutako, just to mention but a few who provided leadership at a critical time when the majority of the progressive Namibian people needed somebody to provide leadership in the pursuance of our noble cause of fighting for the restoration of our human dignity and civil liberties or human rights which were notoriously and brutally violated by the apartheid colonial regime of South Africa. Nujoma has emerged as a brave liberation struggle leader, who never wavered where others wavered until our national independence, and political emancipation on 21st March, 1990. For the majority of the progressive people of Namibia, Nujoma resembles the Biblical Moses, for he has led the then suffering and oppressed but struggling people of Namibia from the yoke of oppression and colonialism to a bright new era of freedom. Surely, who will believe the trash that former South Africa Defence Minister, Magnus Malan, one of the passionate representatives and promoters of the evil apartheid system which was condemned by the international community as not only inhumane, but also barbaric, is now to be portrayed as somebody with credibility whose so-called exposÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© should be taken seriously. Who on earth does not know or remember the evil system of apartheid colonialism that Malan religiously served in various capacities. Former South African Defence Minister Malan was at the helm of the evil apartheid army of South Africa which meted out untold sufferings and unwarranted mass killings of innocent Namibians. What credibility is left of Ya Nangolo, if he had any before, to compare the credibility of Nujoma – one of the universally or globally renowned and recognized credible brave liberation struggle leaders – to that of the former South African Defence Minister, Magnus Malan. Ya Nangolo’s glorification of Malan, who was head of the army which not only violated human rights of Namibian and South African citizens, but also pursued wars of aggression and invasion, and killed thousands of civilians, especially innocent women and children in neighbouring countries of Southern Africa where the former South African Army caused mayhem and gross human rights violations, and destruction of infrastructure essential for support of livelihood, arose memories of untold suffering and sadness, and this could not have been done as it was done by Ya Nangolo who purports to be an advocate of human rights in Namibia. Notwithstanding how one may disagree with or even harbour personal hatred against the Founding President Sam Nujoma, it is not only unacceptable, immoral, unethical but also unprofessional for Ya Nangolo to attempt to mislead the world into believing whatever version (of history) which may have come from the mouth or written by Magnus Malan, who is the former leader of the apartheid South African Army, an instrument of murder and rape that was condemned by the international community. Ya Nangolo’s article on the so-called exposÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚© by Magnus Malan exposed his true colours. Ya Nangolo has put his credibility into question. From his writing, it clearly appears that Ya Nangolo in reality is a political activist consumed with bitterness and hatred, against Nujoma in particular, and the Swapo Party and its government in general. Ya Nangolo’s efforts to twist and spin the version of the chief representative of the former apartheid army, Magnus Malan does not only contradict and undermine the efforts of genuine human rights organizations in Namibia and all over the world, but his article is a betrayal of all the progressive people and human rights organizations around the globe who are working hard, sometimes under extremely difficult challenging circumstances, for the promotion and protection of human rights. Again look at Ya Nangolo’s twist and spin in order to suit his glorification of Malan: “According to Magnus Malan, Mr Nujoma paid ‘a surprising visit’ to Namibia during 1966. The visit was intended to ’embarrass SA Authorities’ in Namibia at the time, Mr Malan says. The other aim for Nujoma’s visit, Mr Malan adds, was to ‘encourage protest marches, unrest and violence aimed at the South West African Authorities in order to draw international attention to Swapo as a liberation movement’,” Ya Nangolo wrote. Furthermore, Ya Nangolo wrote that, “Mr Malan says that Mr Nujoma arrived alone in the country from Lusaka, Zambia, on an aircraft piloted by a certain Mr Nash and that the plane landed at 11h00 at the now Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA), some 47 kilometers east of Windhoek, the Namibian capital. “Instead of being welcomed by Swapo supporters who were apparently expecting his arrival, Mr Nujoma was received by a ‘welcoming committee’ consisting of Malan, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of South African Military Forces in Namibia at the time, and by Brigadier Theo Crous in his capacity as Divisional Commissioner of Police. “Mr Nujoma was immediately arrested, Mr Malan says, and whisked away apparently for interrogation. Mr Malan says that except himself, Brigadier Crous and a few policemen, nobody else knew about Mr Nujoma’s arrest. “Four or five days after having been with Mr Nujoma and after having evaluated the information Mr Nujoma had given them, seemingly about himself and Swapo’s military plans and forces and, further, after the advice from the South African Military Intelligence Division, Mr Malan and company decided to release their guest and allowed him a safe return to where he came from, writes Mr Malan. “One of the main reasons for this decision was that intelligence sources thought Mr Nujoma would be of greater value to us amongst his own forces than in our hands.” “Do you hear?” Ya Nangolo wrote and queried the quotations stated above. Ya Nangolo also wrote that, he (Ya Nangolo) “wants Dr Nujoma to tell the people of this country the truth as to who paid for this aircraft. Was it Frank Ferrari, Maurice Tempelsman or Allard Kenneth Lowenstein?” “I will tell you later (in Part 2 of this analysis) who these people are. Upon arrival in Lusaka, Mr Muyongo decided not to travel any further to Namibia. But the ‘brave’ Mr Nujoma decided to go it alone on ‘my challenging journey to Windhoek’ but Lucas Pohamba, Mr Nujoma claims, ‘volunteered to go with me’ . “Mr Nujoma and now Namibian President Pohamba supposedly travelled by land in Swapo’s only truck (who drove this truck?) at the time and arrived in Livingstone, Zambia, by 02h00,” Ya Nangolo wrote. The above stated quoted from Ya Nangolo’s article tells a lot about the depth and magnitude of the manipulations, distortions, contradictions, inconsistencies propagated by the anti-Nujoma elements and their cohorts. Ya Nangolo wrote in one of the opening paragraphs of his article that “my second objective is to help write a true and honest account of the political history of Namibia. At the moment our history is littered with so many false histories and pretences”, he wrote. Now Ya Nangolo where is the truth in your story and that of Malan’s exposÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©, if in your own writing quoted above, you claim that Malan says that Nujoma arrived alone in the country from Lusaka, Zambia, on an aircraft piloted by a certain Nash and that the plane landed at 11h00 at the now Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA), some 47 kilometres east of Windhoek, the Namibian Capital. Ya Nangolo further wrote in another paragraph that “Mr Nujoma and now Namibian President Pohamba supposedly travelled by land in Swapo’s only truck (who drove this truck?) at the time and arrived in Livingstone, Zambia by 02h00.” Ya Nangolo, where is your truth here? While you allege that Nujoma came alone from Lusaka, Zambia in one paragraph, in another, you Ya Nangolo write at length about the presence of now Namibia’s President Pohamba who is known to have accompanied the Founding President Nujoma on that historic trip? By his own submission and writing, Ya Nangolo wrote that according to Magnus Malan, Nujoma paid a surprising visit to Namibia during 1966. “The visit, Mr Malan adds, was to encourage protest marches, unrest and violence aimed at the South West Africa Authorities in order to draw international attention to Swapo as a liberation movement,” Ya Nangolo wrote. Come on, Ya Nangolo and your Malan! What do you expect to have been the purpose of Nujama’s trip? For a fact, the purpose of Swapo President Nujoma’s trip you wrote about, was exactly to challenge and expose the lies of the representatives of the apartheid South Africa colonial regime who used to mislead the international community that all Namibians who were in exile, were there just because of self-imposed exile and were welcome to be home in Namibia at any time. That decision to challenge and expose the lies of the representatives of the apartheid regime was collectively taken by the Swapo leadership. Therefore in light of this, one can only admire and commend Nujoma for his unmatched patriotism and bravery which motivated him to challenge and expose the lies and delay tactics which were employed by the apartheid South Africa. Nujoma and Pohamba were deported, and the lies of the representatives of the apartheid colonial regime were forever exposed, and that positively led to the isolation of the South African apartheid colonial regime at the international political level, which was later followed by economic sanctions. By their own submission in the so-called exposÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©, Ya Nangolo and Malan are confirming that Nujoma was not an armchair revolutionary leader, but he remains a practical leader who walks his talk, like he did with his visit from exile to the then South West Africa (now independent Namibia) in 1966. For a fact, the liberation struggle which the people of Namibia and South Africa pursued under the banner of the national liberation movements in Namibia and South Africa like Swapo of Namibia, the ANC of South Africa, the PAC of Azania, and Swanu of Namibia against the apartheid South African colonial regime was characterized by employment of various military, political, and diplomatic tactics and strategies, in some circumstances not by deliberate preferred choice, but as dictated by the prevailing political situation. Nujoma’s efforts were not in vain as it eventually led to the crumble and collapse of South Africa’s apartheid political establishment which finally collapsed forever like a house of cards in 1990 in Namibia, and in South Africa in 1994. As for Nujoma’s briefcase which was known as Swapo’s mobile office which contained all secrets of Swapo’s armed forces – Nujoma’s visit to Namibia was done prior to the launch of the armed liberation struggle on 26 August 1966. The above clearly shows how the Ya Nangolos and Malans will not succeed to reverse the clock of history. Past efforts of calling him (Nujoma) all sorts of names such as leader of a terrorist organization, etc., have not succeeded. Therefore, renewed character assassinations against him (Nujoma) as started shortly before the 2004 Swapo Party Extra-Ordinary Congress will also not succeed. As for Maurice Templesman and others, is Ya Nangolo having any proof that the gentlemen he referred to are members of the CIA who assassinated Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah for diamonds? If he has that evidence, can Ya Nangolo as a purported human rights activist furnish the evidence to the International Tribunal which deals with the issues of crime committed against humanity, and seek the arrest and prosecution of these gentlemen? May Namibia be blessed with the consolidation, deepening and widening of national reconciliation, democracy, peace and stability in 2007 to posterity. Long Live Sam Nujoma! Long Live Namibia!